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The Difference Between Leadership and Management and How Empowerment Works for Both

There is a distinct difference between leadership and management, both in personality and function. The most successful people are able to balance both and most leaders and managers have crossover traits.  Leadership is about vision, innovation, and the future. There has to be space from the day-to-day activities of the business, so that leaders can […] Read More

Step Into Your Power – Success at the Office Depot Foundation Women’s Symposium 2017

Our participation at the Office Depot Foundation Women’s Symposium this past weekend was simply amazing! Energized. Powerful. Extraordinary. Unforgettable. Exciting. Determined. These are just a few ways attendees described Karen’s “Step into Your Power” presentation. Karen Pfeffer led more than 400 attendees in a “Step Into Your Power” presentation that culminated in a powerful arrow […] Read More

Fire Power Seminars Presents Board Breaking at Happy Black Woman Mindset Retreat in Tampa!

Our New Year had an amazing start with all of the participants at the Happy Black Woman Mindset Retreat in Tampa in mid-January. Fire Power Seminars was honored to present our Board Breaking Empowerment Seminar to faciliate breaking through barriers to step powerfully into 2017! Rosetta Thurman is the Founder of Happy Black Woman and designs […] Read More