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Recovery through experiential transformation.

We Specialize in Breakthroughs
Since 2006 Fire Power Seminars has been providing stimulating, unconventional and empowering activities for addiction and recovery centers. We offer powerful experiential seminars in a safe and supportive environment, where participants learn how powerful they truly are. Whether it’s alcohol or other drugs… or any of a myriad of other self-destructive patterns… participants learn to recognize the strength within to move beyond their fears. To overcome their patterns and addictions. And, thus empowered, they achieve.
In the empowerment seminars we facilitate, each participant is guided to identify self-limiting beliefs that may be inhibiting success, to then reframe them to create new empowering ones. By becoming aware of self-defeating limiting beliefs, one can break through them by doing something that appears “impossible”, such as board breaking – breaking a board with a bare hand, or fire walking – walking across a bed or red hot coals.  These experiential activities engage the mind and body, breaking through barriers, fear and doubt.
We provide several opportunities for physical/mental/emotional breakthroughs, helping the client move from victim to victor and build confidence and self-esteem. No one is pressured; each participant makes his or her own decision as to how much or how little they wish to participate. We do encourage participants to move beyond their comfort zone within a safe and supportive environment, since this is where growth occurs, and to look for opportunities to expand their comfort zones in their daily life.
Build Your Own Seminar
You choose the activities for your seminar from a broad menu of empowerment tools; Fire Power seminars are tailored to your specific needs and time frame. As with all of our Fire Power seminars, participation is voluntary, since only by choosing to participate will an attendee grow. Very few decline.
  • Seminars for adults and adolescents
  • Seminars can be a one-time event or ongoing weekly, bi-weekly or monthly empowerment activity group
  • Ideal for Residential Treatment and IOP and PHP programs

Experiential Activities:

Board Breaking – Breaking Through Barriers Participants learn to harness their personal power by doing the “impossible” – breaking a board (or concrete block/ brick breaking) with their bare hand to break through a barrier.
The board breaking and block/ brick-breaking experiential activity is particularly suited for helping participants break through their self-defeating/ limiting beliefs. This activity gives them a physical and mental breakthrough experience. The process is simple, yet it doesn’t appear that way! The subtle message is a powerful one for a “Yes, I CAN” mindset moving forward.

Breaking Arrows
In this exercise, target arrows (not hunting arrows) are used to help people break through into a new awareness of where they want to be in life. One cannot take part in breaking an arrow and not gain a higher expectation of what is possible in life.

Placing the tip of a cedar arrow against the hollow of the throat, each participant will learn to clarify their goals and focus their energy as they walk directly into the arrow. As the arrow shatters, participants experience breaking through self-limiting barriers and fears. The psychological impact of what can be achieved by consciously moving through self-doubt generates an unprecedented level of confidence.

Steel Rebar Bending
The bending steel rebar metaphor is an exercise that helps people realize that there are things in life that appear impossible, but actually are quite achievable if one asks for help. Two individuals bend a steel rebar (yes, the kind used in concrete reinforcement) strategically placed in a very vulnerable location on the neck. This exercise teaches honoring one’s commitment, cooperation and teamwork. It demonstrates that together we can access that same power if we learn to trust one another. This experiential activity is not about strength. It’s about concentration, focus, trust and working together for a common goal.

Broken Glass Walking
This Zen exercise totally focuses you in the moment. Until recently, glass-walking was the exclusive domain of mystics and fakirs, versed in the ancient disciplines of yoga and the martial arts. The methods were hidden from prying eyes to promote magical myths about these initiated few. When a person manages to pay attention 100% on what he/she is experiencing, no part of our mind can wander off: We become the experience itself.

Fire Ceremony
As dark begins to fall, participants build a fire circle as a means to offer healing and to transform energy. Each person brings something to burn that they would like to rid of their past or create for the future. They may bring pictures, drawings, or intentions written on a piece of paper for the past or the newness. If board breaking is included in this seminar, participants can add their boards to the fire before the fire lighting.

No one is obligated to speak during the fire ceremony. Anyone can participate without stating what they are releasing or calling forth. The things we address from our past or call into our future can be shared with the group or kept to ourselves as we go through the fire ceremony.

Fire Walking
The firewalk is a powerful tool designed to help transform fear and to inspire people to do things they initially didn’t think possible. It teaches a valuable lesson about the power of the mind and the effect that thoughts and beliefs have on our experience of reality. It is a practical way of confirming our instincts and validating our intuition.
Firewalking provides an unforgettable visual image to accompany our thoughts and beliefs, and shows us the vastness of the human potential. Most importantly, firewalking helps us to shift the energy of fear. As participants learn to dance with the fire in the presence of fear, they learn to deal successfully with fear whenever it arises, learning to transform fearful situations as opportunities for growth, and to transform fear itself into a powerful ally.

If we can empower hundreds to walk on burning hot coals, we can empower your clients to stand on their own two feet.

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