Firewalking — The Ultimate Challenge

Take your performance to the next level.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable and transformational event, firewalking will deliver.

Firewalking, the ultimate challenge, is ideal if you want to break through barriers and take your performance to the next level.
As you cross a bed of 1,200°F hot coals, you’ll instantly feel the energy and power of the fire. This experience is a compelling tool designed to help you transform fear and inspire you to transcend the expectations of what you believe is possible, resulting in a deeper connection to your power within.
  • Firewalking teaches a valuable lesson about the power of the mind and the effect that thoughts and beliefs have on our experience of reality. It’s a practical way of confirming our instincts and validating our intuition.
  • You’ll learn to dance with the fire in the presence of fear, deal successfully with fear whenever it arises, transform fearful situations as opportunities for growth, and, ultimately, transform fear itself into a powerful ally.
  • You’ll experience and witness not only individual breakthroughs, but entire team bonding, making this the ideal activity for groups to help build confidence, create lasting change, breakthrough limiting beliefs and have fun!
The firewalk can be a stand-alone event or incorporated into your existing sales and leadership trainings, and executive and corporate retreats.
Want to add even more excitement and transformation to your firewalk event? We suggest adding a few of our breakthrough activities such as board breaking, brick breaking, steel rebar bending, arrow breaking, and broken glass walking. You’ll be impressed by your team’s accomplishments and they’ll have a great time, too.
Why trust Fire Power Seminars with your team’s firewalk experience? Our track record of facilitating firewalks and breakthrough activities since 2006 is a testament to our success in creating a safe and supportive environment. We’re proud of our excellent reputation and certain we’ll exceed your expectations.

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History of Fire Walking

The ancient art of fire walking is relatively unknown in our Western culture with many people seeing it for the first time on television shows like Survivor and MTV’s Road Rules.
Although fire walking is relatively new to us, cultures all over the world have practiced firewalking and fire dancing rituals since prerecorded history. Firewalking and prayer are two of the oldest rituals on the planet. There is even reference to firewalking in the bible: Proverbs 6:28: ‘Can one go upon hot coals, and his feet not be burned’; and Isaiah 43:2: ‘When thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned’.

Romans were exempted from paying taxes if they could demonstrate their ability to walk on fire without burning. Kung bushmen in Africa fire dance as a powerful healing ritual for their tribe. Their ceremony not only includes fire walking, but also rolling on the fire. The Greek Anastenarides dance on hot coals for hours to honor Saint Constantine and Saint Helen. The Kahunas of Hawaii let molten lava harden just enough to hold their weight before walking on it. In Bali, fire dancing is the coming of age ritual for seven-year-old girls.

Fire immunity and fire walking rituals have been practiced in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burma, China, Egypt, Fiji, Greece, Haiti, Hawaii, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tibet, Trinidad, South Africa, and more.
So what do all these ancient people and cultures know about firewalking that we don’t?
They have turned their reverence of fire into ceremonies and rituals to enhance their well-being and communities. And they understand that the benefits of fire walking clearly outweigh the risks.

We’ll help you build your team, break through barriers and have a lot of fun doing it!

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