Student / Youth Empowerment

Extracurricular activities that will open students’ minds to limitless possibilities.

Challenge your students with extracurricular activities that will open their minds to limitless possibilities. Our Student / Youth Empowerment seminars and activities can help!

The right education can make a world of difference. But knowledge alone offers very limited benefit without the self-confidence and self-esteem to put it into action. Give your students a challenge to overcome, and watch them achieve like never before.
Our Student / Youth Empowerment seminars provide exciting experiences students love – experiences that will empower them to do things far beyond what they think is possible, while deepening their own sense of empowerment, confidence, self-esteem and personal responsibility.
At Fire Power Seminars’ powerful, experiential programs, students gain a new sense of personal power in a safe and supportive environment. They learn to identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs… to recognize the strength within, and move beyond fears. And thus empowered, they achieve new levels of success in academics, athletics, and every aspect of their lives.
You choose the activities for your seminar from a broad menu of empowerment options; participants may break boards with their bare hands, or bend iron bars as if they were rubber. And once they know that they can accomplish those “impossible” feats, is there anything they can’t accomplish?

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“Since your seminar – I had 23 kids make Nationals and had 10 divers make Nationals on the 3-meter springboard just 2 days after your seminar!  Simply amazing!
“… I think, as parents and teachers, we can often mitigate learning under the guise of protection when in fact we are denying the same lessons we had to learn ourselves growing up.  We actually end up putting our fears on others instead of facing them.  Your seminar forces people to face their fears while focusing on the courage to move forward!”   South Shore Diving Testimonial from: Craig Dolloff, Head Coach

Testimonials – Teens

“This will seriously change my life.”   – Zoe
“Thank you for helping me push through my fears and doubts.”   – Hannah
“Thanks for this unforgettable experience! It was such an amazing time!” – Kelsey
When the coach of my daughter’s diving team asked me to plan a “motivational event” during their training week in Coral Springs, I had no idea I was organizing a life-changing experience. With the magic of Google and a bit of inspired synchronicity, I stumbled on Fire Power Seminars and empowered our young divers in untold ways.
Karen and Connie’s message seems implausible in its simplicity, but its power to inspire is herculean. I came away from their seminar buzzing with energy and for days I couldn’t stop thinking what an amazing gift we gave our aspiring young divers. With a lifetime ahead, those kids learned this one simple truth: You can re-direct your journey simply by re-ordering your thoughts.
It takes courage to bounce three meters high, turn two summersaults, twist full circle and land in the water hands-first. Admittedly, my daughter was one of the more timid divers, but after that seminar, after breaking wood, bending metal and walking through fire, my Emily was diving off the five-meter, the seven-meter and then off the ten — just for fun.
I hope, if you’re considering a Fire Power Seminar, you just do it. Karen and Connie will help you muster the strength and confidence to say, “I CAN do this.” And guess what? If you set your mind to it, you really can do that which you think you can’t.
Kathleen Podurgiel
“Thank you for helping me through my fears! I will never forget this.”
– Jessie 

We’ll help you build your team, break through barriers and have a lot of fun doing it!

We welcome you to explore Fire Power Seminars, where you’ll learn about our customized programs and activities that empower, inspire and motivate people to take action.

Want your entire company to have a dynamic day-long event that’ll break down silos, and bolster teamwork and trust? Or, in need of building communication among your organization’s leadership? Okay, we’ve got it. We’ll help them explore limiting beliefs and create lasting change. Seriously. We see it happen every time we facilitate one of our bold programs with a group of people. Just ask us for the proof.

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No matter the size, from a handful of participants to hundreds, we can provide you with an experience that will be remembered for years to come. We look forward to hearing from you!

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