Breakthrough Coaching

Uncover the subconscious programming that drives your conditioned behavior.

Have you ever struggled with making a lasting change in your life? Have you ever been “coached” and still not attained your goals? We can help. We provide a very different type of personal and professional coaching, and we’ve achieved remarkable success with adults and teens alike.
How is our coaching different? We take you beyond the typical goal setting/accountability and far beyond affirmations and positive thinking.
You can break unproductive patterns and self-sabotage by breaking through limiting beliefs, shifting them to empowering ones that LAST! How? Through our unique coaching that uncovers the subconscious programming that drives your conditioned behavior. Studies indicate that as much as 95% of conditioned behavior is controlled by the subconscious mind. But you can transform the subconscious barriers that prevent your success from self-defeating to self-empowering. We incorporate proven neuroscience techniques. To learn more about this unique approach that is results driven, play the video below to hear what Brent BecVar has to share about his breakthrough coaching experience. He has over 30 years experience as a psychotherapist, educator, and Vedic astrologer, and has worked with Deepak Chopra and the Chopra organization for more than 22 years.
Our passion is helping people and organizations achieve, and we look forward to guiding you to lasting positive changes!

To learn more on how you can make lasting changes in your professional and personal life, contact Karen E. Pfeffer at 954.232.4486 or

Breakthrough Coaching Sessions

“Having the opportunity to participate in “Breakthrough Coaching” was an extreme makeover for me – from the inside of my brain!

Not ever been much into spilling my backpack of reasons about issues, or what I have always found most challenging about breaking free of bad habits or even breaking into good habits, and having exhausted the self-talk and self-motivation as an expedient pathway, I had settled for the slow, arduous, and what seemed like never to end, issue resolution, for myself, with myself, and it all just became another “to-do” for me each day.

Then… one sunny day in Miami, I had an appointment with Karen Pfeffer, and boom, it’s a done deal – out with the old and in with the new, all the baggage left at the gate, and I’m off to buy a whole new mental wardrobe!

Areas of work you might wonder? Well how about running out of time, rushing to end my day with a longer to do list, simply too many subjects, not able to sufficiently serve everyone well and expediently, and the list goes on… boy did the list go on… personal, family, friends, work…

So what happened, and more importantly how did I know I succeeded? It’s called “Breakthrough Coaching” and it’s not something you can see or touch, but one of those stellar moments when you know that you know, and that you know it to your core. That your neuro-pathway has shifted and in my case elevated and gained tremendous speed factor. Yes, that’s right, my many rutted and weather worn pathways I had been walking for years, simply shifted like a shape shifter on sci fi network, into a whole new dimension and I now glide easily through my old challenges on a brand new neuro-pathway in my brain.

A day, a week, two weeks later, I kept finding myself on this new expressway, I didn’t have a choice really, the old weather worn road was gone, I couldn’t find it, I couldn’t muster up the frustration I used to have – literally! And after some reassurance, I became comfortable on my new expressway, in fact I do believe it hung out a huge welcome for my new reality; to a whole new way of thinking and responding to myself, other people, situations, and life in general.

Karen tested my neuro responses, talked to my brain, and when my brain agreed with her assessments we went forward and made all sorts of successful changes – my brain did all the work without me! Love it!

Days later when I realized my brain really had moved on from the frustration, it became a lovely transition for me. It is truly a moment in time I can always point to, knowing I wanted to make this shift and it was done in minutes – minutes… hard to grasp maybe, but quite easy to live with!

Thank you Karen for developing “Breakthrough Coaching”, every living soul should have an opportunity to work with you!”

~ Maraline Krey, pH Balance Expert & Nutritional Counselor

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