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What Participants are Saying About Fire Power Seminars
“Thank you to Fire Power Seminars for another year of excellent programming at our Annual Conference. I thought there was no way that you were going to be able to top the previous year’s Building Bikes, Empowering Children team building activity. Well you did it. The board breaking experience brought life to our NFWL mission in supporting women, providing a safe place to test their limits and reinforcing they can do anything. The combination of fun, engagement, excitement and professionalism made you a perfect addition to the conference agenda. Your board breaking session was on the last day before our Installation dinner, and the room was full of positive energy.” ~ Jody Thomas, Executive Director, National Foundation for Women Legislators
Connie and Karen are the consummate professionals who know their job and are able to interact and draw out the best in team members. I highly recommend that any firm wishing for an interactive team building experience talk to these ladies before hiring another firm — THEY ROCK!” ~ Bill Hansen, CEO, Bill Hansen Luxury Catering and Event Production

“The group from Fire Power Seminars did a great job both teaching and motivating the Graduate Admissions and Concord Law School advisors during the “board-breaking” exercise. The folks at Fire Power really did their homework; the preparation call really helped to make sure that we were all on the same proverbial page. During and after the event, the energy level was noticeably high; participants talked for weeks about their experience and many now proudly display their broken boards at their desks. I’d recommend Fire Power’s board-breaking exercise to team leaders looking to provide a change of pace in terms of sales and developmental training.”

James Roberts, Executive Director, Kaplan University, Graduate Admissions and Concord Law School

“When I saw the thickness of that board I thought to myself  “Are you kidding? How can I break this board?” When I did I was amazed! It made me realize I can do a lot of things that I have been afraid to try before. It was empowering. Thank you Connie and Karen.”

~ Marie C., Delray Beach, FL

“Loved it! I actually took notes to share with my friends and family. I used to say I was scared of everything, but NEVER will I say that again. Thanks!”

~ Melodie Smith, Florence, AL

“Once again you have facilitated a great success. It was simply amazing to see everyone the next morning! The whole group had shifted into a much deeper level of team. WOW! You could feel it; you could see it and you could hear it. What a tremendous success! Thank you for all that you do to make these groups so very successful.”

~ Rita Homrich, President, Personal Development Community Organization, Inc.

“Thank you very much for coming to Key Largo to speak to the Upper Keys Business & Professional Women. Your presentation on “Communicating More Effectively” touched all of us. On behalf of our Members and the Board, I’d like to say we all left with an enhanced sense of communicating with all our senses in a positive way. Thank You. We look forward to the next time.”

~ Gina Boilini, BPW President, Key Largo, FL

“Thank you for my great experience with Fire Power Seminars. I have been working with your organization for quite some time now, and I am always amazed at how this program has made such an important impact on my life. I have integrated the basic principles of self-empowerment you teach into my daily life and work activities. As I move forward in my Life Coaching business, I will always be grateful to both of you for the tools you have provided for me to manage my own rescue. I highly recommend this to others.”

~ Christine Park, Miramar, FL

“Beautiful experience to understand we own our truth, we own our power, we are the true masters.”

~ Lisa Neu

“Darren and I thank you so much for an amazing and powerful night. I remember every moment and how I felt before and after each exercise and mostly how I felt when the night was over. It will never actually be over. I will carry the night, the people that experienced the night with me, and the feeling I have now forever in my heart. I will OWN my power and I will move forward and my soul fire will forever burn. Thank you so much for your love and support and your wonderful seminar.”

~ Ginni Mankovich

“Thank you for the experience. It has been different both times and both were great. People have commented on how much more confident I seem. I like it!”

~ Bobbi Kingston

“Thank you Karen!!! I had the most amazing coaching session today… can’t wait to do the Fire Walk… You are fabulous!!”

~ Mona Straub, President, Just Fur Fun, Boca Raton, FL

“Thank you for this magnificent event. I enjoyed the camaraderie and encouragement of the group. The asking for and giving help with the rebar exercise was outstanding. It was totally beyond my expectations. I came to be empowered and by golly – I AM!”

~ Bonnie Bold, Orlando, FL

“I feel on fire baby!” ~ Jeff Berlowitz
“So glad I did this! Great mental pictures for me to look back on when facing my FEARS. Love what you all stand for.”

~ Rebecca Raines Johnson

“Connie and Karen are amazing, patient and caring teachers. I learned so much about myself!”

~ Jeani Murray, Bethesda, MD

“Really made me realize how much FEAR controls me and my thoughts and even my relationships with others. WOW! Amazing, exciting empowering! Bring it on baby!!!!!”

~ Joey Feinberg, Bay Harbor, FL

“This experience with Connie and Karen was incredible! Their personal interest in helping me achieve my goals and overcome my self-doubt was absolute. When I came to this event I knew others believed in me, but I did not trust in myself. I now believe in my power. Now I can believe in others too.”

~ Nancy Monsrud, Montrose, MN

“The beauty of this evening took my breath away. Loving support, incredible energy and a beautiful fire. This is an experience I will never forget. I appreciate the thoughtfulness, the love, the commitment to my conquering my fear. Words cannot express my gratitude.”

~ Karin DiPiero, Pembroke Pines, FL

“If anyone would like to expand their view of the world, to broaden their ideas of what is real, to overcome fears, to build confidence, to experience something they never before believed was possible, then this seminar is an ABSOLUTE MUST!!! Nothing will ever be quite the same after these four miraculous hours! Connie guides you on this fire walking journey with such love and compassion that you realize even the impossible is possible! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!”

~ Ani Tsultrim Wangmo, Tibetan Nun, Wingdale, NY

“The woodpile was lit by all of us in a simple ceremony preceded by a solemn prayer. We marched out to the woodpile in silence, 1 and 1/2 hours before the firewalk itself, and in a powerful act of purification, we deposited in the pile our split pine boards, bearing all our previously written statements of self-imposed limitations and personal fears. One by one, we took a torch to the woodpile turning it into a funeral pyre in which our collective fears, doubts and limitations were going to be symbolically cremated. When we came back to walk on the 1,200 degree live embers of our discarded ideas of personal reality, we were ready to tread on them with our bare feet as if they were only the ashes of a time, a place and a person that was no more. I was inspired to firewalk more than once (I guess I’ve got a whole load of stuff to burn through). By the end of the baptism by fire, I had immersed myself in the firewalking 4 times. All the participants walked the fires of their fondest hopes and greatest obstacles. None of the participants was physically burned.”

~ Paco Padín-San Martín, Speechwriter/Copywriter, Bayside, NY

“I didn’t even know that fire walking should have been on my bucket list. Very memorable experience and evening with Fire Power Seminars.”

~ Tracy Benham

“I’m so thankful to have had this experience in such a supportive and comfortable environment. My evening with Fire Power is one I’ll never forget!”

~ Angela Anderson, Brooklyn Park, MN

“Some of my family and friends wonder why anyone would want to fire walk. They wonder why anyone would want to put themselves in danger. But, you see – I don’t see it that way – I don’t see it as a danger or a tempting of fate – or, even as a “macho” thing to be doing.

Rather, I see fire walking as a surrendering to something incredibly awesome that exists in each of us. I see fire walking as a prayer that acknowledges the existence of One greater than self. I see fire walking as a moment in time, a moment aligning ourselves with something that exists deep within each of us. It is a moment that we are able to touch and to trust the very heartbeat of God that dwells within each and every one of us.

I walk because I know deep inside of each of us, we carry a small flickering light that yearns to burst forth. I believe we are each called to be co-creators with God, and that we are each guardians of that small ember that dwells within – we are keepers of the light – we are carriers of the very heartbeat of God.

And so – we walk the fire – knowing the errors & tarnish & fears we collect on this earth – all the crud we wish we weren’t – yet, we know all of that  is nothing compared to the mystery and power that surrounds and lives within us – a power so great – even the fire cannot touch us, IF we have taken the time to quiet our spirits and then align and surrender ourselves to the Greater Power.

We then say yes, to the still small voice that calls from within – we say yes to our own center of creation that calls for justice & freedom – a center that champions honesty & fair play & self discipline & acting with purposeful intention –

And we come through the fire – knowing – just knowing – “Anything Is Possible!”

~ Jackie Homes and service dog Wabi, Punta Gorda, FL

Dear Connie and Karen, I would like to thank you for your excellent job teaching Empowerment in a setting with 65 incarcerated males. I watched for almost two hours as you both easily flowed in an unusual setting.  You caught the inmate’s attention from the very beginning with your explanation of the Fire Power Seminars Firewalk. The inmates always ask themselves, “How is this going to help me?  What will I get out of it?”  You opened their eyes to being more accepting of one another; realizing that perception is reality… Who’s looking at the situation and what day is it. Afterwards I took a poll and the inmates were enthused with your class and remarked on how quickly you were able to get the ideas across to them on their level.  They would love to have you back with more intriguing exercises. I again thank you so much for your time and hope that we can continue this relationship. Yours truly, Barbara Sutton, M.Ed. Detention Program Specialist Paul Rein Facility, Broward Sheriff’s Office

Student/Youth Empowerment Event Testimonials 

“Awesome fun! I learned a lot.”  ~ Xan Stuart
“This will seriously change my life.”

~ Zoe Feingold, South Shore Diving Club, Duxbury, MA

“Thank you for helping me push through my fears and doubts.”

~ Hanna Phelan, South Shore Diving Club, Duxbury, MA

“Thanks for this unforgettable experience! It was such an amazing time!”

~ Kelsey Golden, South Shore Diving Club, Duxbury, MA

Dear Karen, I am writing to thank you for working with my son Jordon. As a freshman in high school, we suffered the loss of a family member. The death was a very public incident, and a great deal of our lives were put on hold due to many public events we attended. My son attended each event proudly. As a result, school grades suffered, as well as some of his confidence. After attending your Fire Power Seminar, and only two private coaching sessions, he is now a straight – A student, with clear goals for the remainder of his high school and early admittance into college. Thank you for all you do. We will be forever grateful. Respectfully, Jeri Mitchell, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
When the coach of my daughter’s diving team asked me to plan a “motivational event” during their training week in Coral Springs, I had no idea I was organizing a life-changing experience. With the magic of Google and a bit of inspired synchronicity, I stumbled on Fire Power Seminars and empowered our young divers in untold ways. Karen and Connie’s message seems implausible in its simplicity, but its power to inspire is herculean. I came away from their seminar buzzing with energy and for days I couldn’t stop thinking what an amazing gift we gave our aspiring young divers. With a lifetime ahead, those kids learned this one simple truth: You can re-direct your journey simply by re-ordering your thoughts. It takes courage to bounce three meters high, turn two summersaults, twist full circle and land in the water hands-first. Admittedly, my daughter was one of the more timid divers, but after that seminar, after breaking wood, bending metal and walking through fire, my Emily was diving off the five-meter, the seven-meter and then off the ten — just for fun. I hope, if you’re considering a Fire Power Seminar, you just do it. Karen and Connie will help you muster the strength and confidence to say, “I CAN do this.” And guess what? If you set your mind to it, you really can do that which you think you can’t. Sincerely, Kathleen Podurgiel, Scituate, MA
“Thank you for helping me through my fears! I will never forget this.”

~ Jessie Westergard, South Shore Diving Club, Duxbury, MA

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