Do What You Fear Article by Karen Pfeffer

Do What You Fear and Watch It Disappear

Aug 1st, 2012

Do What You Fear Article by Karen PfefferThis article appeared in the latest issue of Pompano Today

Our lives are shaped by what we want most, but more than that, by what we fear most. Have you ever noticed how you direct your thoughts when confronted with fear? Fear… we all experience it, especially when faced with an obstacle that seems insurmountable. When facing fear, what are your thoughts? What goes through your mind? Yes, we have all heard that F.E.A.R. stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real”, and that what you think is what you get. So what is the easiest and quickest way to overcome our fear? By facing and doing the very thing that impedes our progress or achievement.

It is natural to have fear – fear can save your life. But we too often fear that which cannot harm us. And when you do the very thing you fear, the fear tends to disappear. You can see a great example of this by watching the following video of a young girl in fourth grade, faced with fear on her first ski jump from a high distance. Listen to her expressing her thoughts and how that ties into her emotions; listen to her voice as you watch this video, and notice how it goes from quivering as she faces her fear to complete exuberance and confidence at the end of her ski jump. She did what she feared and the fear disappeared:

You can’t escape fear; you can only transform it by admitting you have it, facing it and mastering it. By doing what you fear, you will empower yourself and change your direction positively, going for the things you want in life, despite your fear, and thereby make the fear disappear. Just like the little girl in the video, I invite you to transform your fear into empowering life-changing experiences.

It’s your choice. By doing what you fear and watching it disappear, you will change the direction on your path and become unstoppable.

Go For It!

Karen Pfeffer
Karen is passionate about sharing powerful programs on communication, empowerment, team building and transformation. With a father from Kansas and a mother from Puerto Rico, Karen has a unique cultural mix that has inspired her to challenge stereotypes and “push the envelope” at every opportunity. She co-founded Fire Power Seminars with Connie Phelan in 2006 to empower individuals, organizations, and companies to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

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