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5 Reasons to Choose Fire Power Seminars for a Firewalking Experience

In a world where the ordinary often reigns, stepping out of your comfort zone is not just a phrase but a journey to self-discovery and empowerment. This is where Fire Power Seminars comes into play, offering an extraordinary experience – firewalking. But why should one consider firewalking, and more importantly, why with Fire Power Seminars? …

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Why Firewalking

If you are reading this, most likely you are interested in discovering how a firewalk can provide a transformational experience. Or perhaps you’re just curious and wanting to know more.  Firewalking, a walk across a bed of red-hot embers, had been in existence globally across many cultures for many years, with the earliest known reference …

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Communication Tips to Avoid Conflict by Karen Pfeffer

Communication Tips to Avoid Conflict

“We don’t see the things as they are, we see things as we are.” ~ Anais Nin Communicating effectively and clearly requires skill and understanding, knowing that everyone operates from their personal model of their world. The way we perceive things becomes our reality, and we communicate from that perspective. That is why we often …

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Exciting “Inspired Courage” Book Release

Everybody has a story, and Fire Power Seminars’ founder, Connie Phelan, decided to write a book to share hers: Inspired Courage – Breaking Through Your Barriers to Success. Writing the Inspired Courage book was a new frontier in Connie’s work of inspirational speaking, and the most fear-inducing experience of her life. She proved Ralph Waldo …

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