Board Breaking Seminar

“Breaking Barriers” Board Breaking Breakthrough Seminar: Each participant gets the opportunity to create their own “breakthrough” experience by overcoming self-imposed limitations and breaking a board or a concrete block.

Karate experts spend years developing the skills to smash through boards and blocks with their bare hands. But at our most popular seminar, adults and adolescents can learn and achieve that skill in an hour.

Why learn to break boards? The physical experience of breaking through a board – of achieving what looks impossible – translates into the breaking of other types of real-world barriers.

  • Athletes can break through the mental blocks that hold them back from achieving that final goal, and move towards improved physical performance and success in their sport.
  • Company team members can apply the mental skill to break through unproductive patterns and shift them to empowering ones, building camaraderie within the first few minutes. Board breaking can be incorporated into a stand-alone seminar, or into a sales kick-off meeting, corporate retreat, lunch and learn, or a conference break out session.
  • Students gain confidence to overcome obstacles and move to the next level. The knowledge that they can break through boards prepares them to face challenges at school and those they’ll face later in life. Students will learn their true power, and how they can use their mindset to break through obstacles and challenges.

Our breakthrough “Breaking Barriers” board breaking is customized for your needs. It is a powerful experience acknowledging and shutting down limiting mindsets like “I can’t” to empowering a positive programming that says “Yes I can!”

Board breaking enables participants to gain that power in a safe and supportive environment, and teaches them to use that power to identify and break through patterns and beliefs that no longer serve them.

Plus, those participants seeing an event greater challenge can move up to concrete block breaking.

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