Corporate Training Seminars

Give your people the opportunity to grow in ways they’ve never imagined… ways that will benefit them not only in business, but in every aspect of their life.

Our corporate training seminars are designed to leverage employee engagement to attain more productivity and greater results. Unlike most programs available in today’s business world, we offer powerful seminars that directly engage every participant, helping them recognize limiting mindsets and guiding them to creative alternatives. They will learn to make small changes that yield powerful positive results.

You have the option of incorporating experiential activities into your seminar – customized empowerment tools tailored to fit with your culture and specific needs. One popular experiential activity we offer is board breaking. Participants learn how powerful they truly are, breaking through limiting beliefs and old ways of thinking. The result: enhanced employee and company productivity through the conscious recognition and transformation of non-productive and counter-productive patterns, moving beyond comfort zones and into empowerment.

Corporate Training

Choose from any of the following transformational seminars:

Communication Seminars: Learn the breakdown of basic communication components and how they affect your interaction with others, both positively and negatively. Through our “How to Communicate Effectively with Yourself and Others” program you will discover the power of communication styles and language patterns, and how effective communication can have a positive far-reaching effect in your professional and personal life.

Board and Brick Breaking Breakthrough: Karate experts spend years developing the skills to smash through boards and bricks with their bare hands. But at our most popular seminar, adults and adolescents can learn and achieve this skill in less than an hour.

Why learn to break boards and bricks?

  • The physical experience of breaking through a board – achieving what looks impossible – translates into the breaking of other types of real-world barriers.
  • It helps people engage not just mentally but physically to overcome self-imposed limitations, thereby increasing their ability to take risks.
  • You’ll enhance employee and company results by consciously identifying and breaking through obstacles and counterproductive patterns.

Who benefits from breaking boards and bricks?

Company team members will apply the mental skill to break through unproductive patterns, building camaraderie within the first few minutes. Board breaking can be incorporated into a stand-alone program, or into a sales kick-off meeting, corporate retreat, lunch and learn, or a conference break-out session.

Enhance employee and company results by consciously identifying and breaking through obstacles, barriers, non-productive and counterproductive patterns. Once participants incorporate the power of their mind to break a board with their bare hand, they will carry that experience into every challenge they face.

Empowerment Seminars: What people can do is incredible. What people usually will do is disappointing. We challenge people to be incredible in our empowerment seminars, and give them the tools to accomplish what appears impossible. Our Empowerment Seminars allow participants to realize their personal power and do far more than they think possible, recognizing the strength within to move beyond any obstacle.

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