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The Difference Between Leadership and Management and How Empowerment Works for Both

There is a distinct difference between leadership and management, both in personality and function. The most successful people are able to balance both and most leaders and managers have crossover traits.  Leadership is about vision, innovation, and the future. There has to be space from the day-to-day activities of the business, so that leaders can […] Read More

Three Ways To Improve Your Company Culture (And Why It Matters)

Company culture matters today. The most successful companies are leveraging their human capital, realizing that happy employees mean productive and loyal employees. Culture works hand in hand with a company’s core values and mission to positively impact productivity and the bottom line. Carefully crafted company culture reinforces the guidelines and expectations of how a company […] Read More

5 Things the Clemson Tigers National Championship Win Teaches Us About Performance, Team and Attitude

Who was with us, on their feet, cheering like maniacs, at one of the most exciting final seconds in a College Football National Championship game, maybe ever? We applaud the staying power of the Crimson Tide who has carried off four championships in the past seven years, but the OMG moments were certainly from the […] Read More