What We’ve Learned In The Past 10 Years {Part 2}

It’s Our Anniversary. What We’ve Learned in the past 10 Years. (continued) Reflecting on our past ten years in business has given us a clear and exciting direction for the future of Fire Power Seminars. We have experienced amazing growth, especially in the past few years. In the beginning, we were focused on our Empowerment […] Read More

Conflict Resolution - Don't Get Mad Get Curious from Fire Power Seminars

Conflict Resolution – Don’t Get Mad, Get Curious

Willingness to learn from each moment — as opposed to defending ourselves by stonewalling, explaining, justifying, withdrawing, blaming — is much more important than IQ, family background or education. The great advantage of openness-to-learning is that you’re in charge of it at all times. You can choose to shift out of defensiveness into genuine curiosity […] Read More