Taking “Team Building” to the Next Level: The First Step to Growth in an Organization is Awareness

 “The first step toward change is awareness.”  ~ Nathaniel Branden   Have you ever looked at your organization and felt that things weren’t working, but not been able to catch exactly why? In our ten years in the business of empowering and inspiring organizations and individuals to realize their full potential, we’ve noticed something interesting about […] Read More

3/10/15 Growth and Your Bottom Line – The Business of Business Luncheon for Business Women

Join us for an invigorating and interactive lunch meeting for business women where the following will be discussed: Successes and overcoming obstacles What is working and what can be improved Tools on how to run your business more profitably Your facilitators, Karen E. Pfeffer and Anne Dufour Zuckerman provide a supportive round table discussion where […] Read More