The Distance Between Dreams and Reality is Taking Action

What is stopping you from claiming your power, creating your reality, bringing your dreams into manifestation? What blocks are you ready to let go of and see what happens on the other side? And how do you get to the other side?

Most individuals have plenty of dreams and visions of what they would like to make of their lives, yet don’t take action because of FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real. Limiting beliefs, fear, and resistance to leaving your comfort zone stop us from getting the very things we want. Obstructions appear as procrastination, doubt, sabotage, resistance to change, and non-action.

Overcoming these obstacles and breaking through the barriers of fear and limiting beliefs is why Fire Power Seminars does what we do. Our goal is to give individuals the opportunity to experience that they are more powerful than they know and that they have the capacity to produce the results they want. Our activities, board breaking, glass walking, communication activities, team building experiences, and fire walking, invite participants to leave their comfort zones. As their limiting beliefs are blown away by empowering actions in the seminars, they leave the comfort zone and enter the growth zone.

Thinking positive is important, but it is not enough to effect personal transformation. Experiential empowerment activities combined with positive intentions and connecting those “thoughts” with the physicality of positive action allows us to set the space for amazing breakthroughs. This is called Embodied Cognition. If you don’t have the experience in your body, it is challenging to execute what you know intellectually. The brain and body engage very differently and experience connects body and brain, action and thoughts.

Case in point: Picture yourself breaking a board (physical) on which you’ve emotionally (mental) written your obstacle or a limiting belief. Your hand symbolically and physically breaks that frustrating belief in half. Success and a flood of empowering emotions makes that experience concrete and thoughts switch to YES, I CAN.


All of our physical activities are paired with positive intention setting to achieve that transformational moment. We incorporate visceral experiences with robust sensations, such as board breaking, blindfolded trust walks, firewalking, interactive communication workshops, “building bikes, empowering children”, and a wide range of other experiential empowering activities, because they deliver results. The mind and body are engaged. It works.

The breakthroughs, the laughter and tears, the AHA moments are incredible when participants realize that they have used their own abilities and determination to break through self doubt by taking one determined step to break an arrow with the soft part of our throat at one of our Step Into Your Power seminars.

Karen recently led more 400 attendees in a Step Into Your Power” presentation at the Office Depot Foundation Women’s Symposium in February that culminated in a powerful arrow breaking exercise. Participants placed an arrow into the hollow of their throat and walked toward their big goal for 2017 until the arrow bent and broke. The arrow symbolizes the barrier one must break to reach and achieve the desired goal or outcome. And there is risk involved. In this exercise, the arrow is only the physical manifestation of the barrier. The real barrier is what goes through the mind, and it can appear in the form of self-doubt, fear or possible failure. This empowerment exercise confirms the idea that a goal is just a dream until you take action.

And there lies the space to make things happen – to shift the distance between reality and dreams is taking action. Doing things that appear impossible. Identifying and rejecting false evidence appearing real. And, you don’t have to be great to start; you have to start to be great.

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